The Trusted Choice Difference

In today’s high-tech world, there are lots of ways to buy insurance. With a website or an app, you can buy it direct from the insurance company. You can buy it from a captive agent. Or you can buy it from a Trusted Choice independent agency, like Phillips Insurance.

If you choose to buy your insurance direct, you will likely buy it from Progressive, CURE Auto, GEICO, E-Surance, USAA, The Hartford, Travelers, or Liberty Mutual. You can expect a hyperfocus on price when buying insurance direct from the company. Finding someone to have a detailed conversation about the life you are trying to protect, and the coverage you may want to consider will be difficult, if not impossible. You may never talk to the same person twice. And
when a claim is submitted, you have to work directly with the company, without a third party advocate, like us.

If you choose to buy your insurance from a captive agent, you will likely buy it from State Farm, Farmers, Farm Bureau, or Allstate. These agents are generally great people and care about the communities they serve. Unfortunately, these agents are held back by restrictive agreements with their respective company – they must sell their company’s products. Because all insurance companies compete on cost and coverage, these companies might be priced well, but may not offer the coverage you need to properly protect the life you are building.

If you choose to buy your insurance from a Trusted Choice independent agency, you will buy coverage form a large selection of companies. You may have never heard of some of the companies, despite them being in business for a century or more. Some companies that you are likely to review options from when working with an independent agent are Auto-Owners,
Westfield, Frankenmuth Mutual, SafeCo, Hastings Mutual, West Bend, Chubb, Cincinnati, EMC, Citizens, Wolverine Mutual, Motorist Mutual, and a large variety of other lesser known companies. Here are some reasons to work with an independent agency:

  • Access to multiple companies and a wide range of products
  • Easy switching between companies, without having to work with a new agent
  • Unbiased and objective advice
  • Claims advocacy
  • Policy service from a local, Michigan-based agency

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